How Do I Get In Touch?

E-mail - 211.bespoke@gmail.com

Instagram - 211.bespokemillinery

I will do my best to answer all questions within a good time frame, any immediate questions can be seen below, if still unsure, I am more than happy to help.

How Do I Measure For A Hat?

Taking measurements can seem daunting, especially of you fall in love with a design of a hat. However, measuring is simple, and can be done in minutes. How I measure hats is as follows:

  1. Use a tailors tape measure and take it across the top of your head, ear tip to ear tip, left to right. This is the crown measurement. - The top of the hat. This measure will provide the depth of the crown, and for some hats, this is key for how they will sit on the head. If a hat is *just* too big, hair may help, so if you have a specific hairstyle in mind, try measuring with that style completed.

  2. Measure round the circumference of your head, same methods, but from the tips of the ears round the head. The measure will sit in between the hair line and eyebrows.

Now you have the basics for a hat! Most hats I sell come with measurements in CM. The Circumference, Crown, Width and often Height are all listed.

Best Way To Care and Store My Hat?

The best wat to store your hat, is in the box it came with (unless you have a collection of hat boxes, like me!).

When caring for your hat please;

  1. Do not let it get wet. This will cause the materials to loose all of the Millinery grade stiffener, and can risk warping or collapsing of key structures. A light rain may not hurt as much, but please cover the hat as soon as possible.

  2. Do not let it sit near open flames. As all materials, the hats cannot be guaranteed to be flammable safe. As such, the hat should not be exposed too, or left near an exposed flame.

  3. Store in a dry area. As with any materials, a damp place will run the risk of mildew, which on some materials cannot be so easily cleaned. So the hat is best being stored within an area where you know prior clothes are safe from the dreaded mildew.

  4. Washing a hat is not advised. Like heavy rain, it will see a stronger chance of the hat being destroyed. Spot cleans can be done with a small amount of water, and a cloth/kitchen tissue as this wont disintegrate like other tissues. Slowly clean the area, and pat dry immediately. This should ensure the least amount of Millinery stiffener has been lost to the water.

How Do I Secure My Hat?

All of the hats created by 211 Bespoke come with a range of securing measures. However, you can also experiment with hat pins, ideal for vintage hats or even newer style.

They are as follows;

  1. Milliners Elastic - The elastic is sewn into the hat, and is already formed at the ideal length. This elastic will stretch to fit the head/hair, and is a great way to secure a hat.

  2. Metal Hairband - The hairbands I use are on a dual split band, the band forms into rounded ball closure ends, making it comfortable on the head. The band also moves for different head sizes, making it easy to fit.

  3. Metal Hair-comb - The hair-comb is formed with dimensional tines, which see a slight twist, making it easy to slide into the hair. The combs are all hand stitched in place, and dependant on design see a wider section sewn.

Where Can I purchase A Product?

At the current time, all products can be purchased through my Etsy account. I am working on making all hats purchasable through the website, but for the current time Etsy is where all hats can be purchased. Shipping is free, as all costs are included in the price, meaning you don't have to worry about the dreaded price increase due to the size and weight of a parcel!

Etsy takes a range of purchase methods, and is secure, (I myself use Etsy frequently!) Any question can be asked through Etsy, or other methods both in the website, and on social media platforms.

Where Do I Ship Products Too?

I ship within the United Kingdom only for the current time being. All hats are sent via Royal Mail 48 Hours. Once the hat is within the system, it should be with you within 3 to 5 working days. However, if hats are later than expected, please note once Royal Mail have the parcel, it is out of my control. If you are concerned about where your purchase is, Royal Mail does provide tracking.

Can I Cancel Or Return A Product?

I do accept cancellations, but please note that for a full refund, it is within the first 2 hours of purchasing. If you wish to cancel after 2 hours, please message me as the hat would need to be removed from any packaging, and re-listed. If you do not cancel, or notify me of such, the hat will be sent in accordance to buyer/seller laws.

If you wish to return a product, sadly I cannot accept returns.

I Received My Order Damaged, What Do I Do?

In the unfortunate instance a hat is damaged in transport, I would please request that photographs are taken immediately. This will ensure all steps can be taken to resolve the issue. This includes;

  1. Any damages to the box prior to opening.

  2. Damages to the internal packaging, ripped or damaged bubble wrap.

  3. Any noticeable damages to the hat, such as - delved materials, crushed feathers, bent feathers.

If the exterior and interior packaging is not at all damaged, I will have to take into consideration damage was done on purpose or accidentally - dropped. As such, this would void any refunds which could be given, as the product was not sent damaged.

If all damages are evidently from transit, I will proceed with claiming a case with Royal Mail, as such, a partial refund will be issued until a solution is resolved. Hopefully none of this will happen, but I am willing to try and help if so!