WHY 211?

211 holds a great significance within my Family history. My great-great grandfather, Frank Finley Clarkson of Northallerton, owned 211 High Street as his own silversmiths shop. Frank was the only self employed craftsman who made parts of the miniature silver for Queen Mary's Dolls House, working in 1/12 scale, 211 when inverted. His smith career see's work across the country, with pieces made for York Minster in the KOYLI Chapel, Durham Cathedral's Alter cross, and even the Northallerton Mayoral chain.

With this, I will continue down this artistic pathway, specialising within traditional forms of Art and the Millinery. I have a deep passion for the 1940's and 1950's, and collecting antiques. My art work falls into traditional media types, oil paint and watercolours, and aspects of Millinery all reflect on the more obscure, or unique parts of history. With this, I can also combine my passions and interest to create complete bespoke creations, which can and do use recycled materials and components.